Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to the Hampton Classic! 2008

A long week has come and gone. I attended the mother of all horse shows, the Hampton Classic! Sharing a booth with Colleen from Georgetown Stable outfitters was definitely the way to go as the booth rental fees were out of this world, but, hey- what do you expect when you are serving the rich and famous! I got good reviews on my quilts, which is really good news, as that seems to be the way my sewing machine is steering me these days. The saddle pads seemed to appeal to the dressage riders and junpers, but the hunters quicky turned their noses and snickered. A little too much style perhaps?Here's a peek at the booth and the Grand Prix Arena where the jumps averaged 6 feet tall! Those horses, (and riders) are stupendous! Congratulations to Hillary Dobbs,(daughter of news commentator Lou Dobbs) on her Grand Prix Championship! Only 20 and a junior at Harvard!!!! YIKES!


peter said...

The pictures are amazing.....and the booth never know where life will take you kudos on a great show..Jennifer

nina said...

What a fabulous looking booth. You have such a great flair for style. Hey, can you help my style my house :)