Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quilt Market or bust!

Jennifer Paganelli had me make a piece for them to display at Quilt Market in Salt Lake City representing her newest line, Honey Child. I am particularly fond of the hot colors- pinks and oranges- and love the East Indian feel of the Dana line.
Forgive the many pictures of Ollie, but it has been awhile since I have photographed a quilt, and he became very excited. Nothing worse than an out of work model trying to hog the camera...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Win these boots!

While I know that this is going to make it harder for me to win my own, I had to share this great give away from A Perfect Gray and Splendid Willow Avenue blogs to win a pair of Ilse Jacobsen's stylish rubber boots, any size or color... quick hop over to their blogs to enter and win!
Special "merci beaucoup" to Connie at 100 Applegate for sharing her secret!
Happy March Madness,

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tortilla Tutorial. The real deal.

My nephew, Esteban (Stevo), and his family came over for Sunday stew. He knew I made the tortilla cozies and decided it was time I learned to make my own fresh corn tortillas.
I had a tortilla press, but you can use a glass pie place for pressing, and we used Steve's electric griddle on the highest setting. Just follow the directions on the bag and watch them disappear!
They didn't get much time spent in the cozy before they were served up with Kate's butter, Cabot cheddar cheese and green Tabasco.
Thanks Steve.
The cozy also made a great hat on "The Lad".

That's Hot! DIY Tortilla Cozy.

You've heard of a tea cozy- a quilted comforter in the shape of a tea pot, to keep your tea from cooling off too quickly.
This is a "Tortilla Cozy"- 100% all cotton quilted pockets that you can slip your toasted burrito wrappers to keep caliente.
You can heat your tortillas over an open gas flame like we do, or you can take a paper towel, sprinkle a little water on it, and slip it in with some fresh tortillas. Place them in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Use until it needs washing. You can throw it in the machine with your laundry. They also double as a great looking trivet or hot pad.
I used some Robert Kaufman "Cilantro" orange fabric, and some vintage flour sack fabric with a Mexican motif.
Quilt the fabric (all cotton batting or bamboo) before cutting the shape/circle.
Bind 1/2 of each of the circles, then sew right sides out and bind the naked edges together,
OR sew from one bound end to the other bound end with right sides together and flip inside out.
Embellish with ric-rac if you want to be really fancy.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Food Journaling for Dummies.

Well, I started in earnest with my diet and fitness program that was custom designed for me by Maddi and Debra at Lean and Chic, but it all came to a standstill and I couldn't "figure" out why. Then I realized I had been resisting a very vital part of the regime- food journaling. Maybe it was just another thing to do on my "to do" list, or maybe I didn't want to share what I had actually been ingesting. Some things were not on the list... in fact, most of them weren't! So, who was I kidding? How can I make this fun and inspiring? I made a food journal! I embellished my little book with articles and images from a 1970's Teen magazine that contained all sorts of well meaning but totaling damaging information ("How I nabbed Flab, by Fat Franny") on food and fitness. I included snippets from the celebrity Fat to Famous article on how the stars stay slim, a five day diet regimen, and a few pics showing how-to spot toning exercises. Included at the end are pictures to inspire, new looks to dream about- even a full page cut out of a dreamy guy from a Johnson & Johnson Baby Oil ad! The page keeper is a measuring tape, and a longer tape, big enough for upper and lower thigh measurements will keep it safe and secure from unwanted viewers! Now, if this doesn't work, I don't know what will! Wish me luck- bikini season is just around the corner....
This can be yours...
Next, a beauty journal...

Friday, March 4, 2011

Revised apron... done!

And with a flour sack towel to boot! Robyn from Peace Tree Desserts came for a fitting and we decided to change up a few things- i.e., I remade the bib.
Now... Let me eat cake!