Sunday, March 6, 2011

That's Hot! DIY Tortilla Cozy.

You've heard of a tea cozy- a quilted comforter in the shape of a tea pot, to keep your tea from cooling off too quickly.
This is a "Tortilla Cozy"- 100% all cotton quilted pockets that you can slip your toasted burrito wrappers to keep caliente.
You can heat your tortillas over an open gas flame like we do, or you can take a paper towel, sprinkle a little water on it, and slip it in with some fresh tortillas. Place them in the microwave for 20-30 seconds. Use until it needs washing. You can throw it in the machine with your laundry. They also double as a great looking trivet or hot pad.
I used some Robert Kaufman "Cilantro" orange fabric, and some vintage flour sack fabric with a Mexican motif.
Quilt the fabric (all cotton batting or bamboo) before cutting the shape/circle.
Bind 1/2 of each of the circles, then sew right sides out and bind the naked edges together,
OR sew from one bound end to the other bound end with right sides together and flip inside out.
Embellish with ric-rac if you want to be really fancy.

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