Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Dark Horse Farm Designs presents... GO MAKE YOUR BED!

You choose the fabrics from my wide selection of hip new textile designers, mix and match, throw pillows or just pillows to throw! To ruffle, or not to ruffle? That is the question.
I'm taking custom bedding to a whole new level. For your baby, your college bound teenager, your master suite, or your little ones slumber party. Quilts, duvet covers, shams , bed rolls.... The site is under construction, so in the meantime email me, call me, smoke signals.... 
Please be patient- it's a virtue, you know.
Nancy DeWeir Geaney
Just up but not complete:
under construction:


Kristine Bercot said...

Oh Nancy I'm so happy for you and to
see your new blog.What a great title for a quilter.I just started blogging this year, it's so nice to get to see a glimpse into artist everyday lives.I love Timi, she has such a gift of bringing out the best in all the talented people she works with.Congrats and Cheers!

ApachesPrincess said...

I absolutely love all of the material!