Sunday, August 30, 2009

Easy Sunday BBQ

It's Sunday, the last Sunday of August. It's a beautiful day, too nice not to cook out on the BBQ. Here's a healthy, simple meal to cook on the barbecue. Very little prep and hardly any dishes. Here is a recipe for Cedar Plank Salmon w/ brown sugar rub.
If you haven't ever cooked on a cedar plank, now's the time. You can use many different types of wood, but cedar seems to work best for fish. When my shop is up ( hopefully by October, via the OPEN SKY PROJECT) I will be able to sell 100% organic would planks of all types for the grill. The cool thing about this method, is it is almost impossible to dry the fish out, and the moisture from the wood will provide juicy-ness to a dry piece of beef or pork. The flavor from the wood is rich and lovely.
All you need is brown sugar, salt, pepper, and a nice salmon filet. Soak an untreated cedar plank for 20 minutes or more, watch the video, and you are good to go! As Julia (Childs) would say, "Bon apetite!"


Jennifer Paganelli said...

even I could do that..where do you get salmon in these here parts?

Cathy said...

I can get the salmon here but where does one find the perfect cedar plank????? lol

Timi said...

Yum! I'm definately going to try this. The video was great - looks easy. Love the music too. Thanks Nancy

Firefly Hill said...

Great video Nancy! Love the cedar plank idea...excellent.