Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why you need 2 Sis Boom Aprons.

For reasons beyond my control, my Open Sky Shop can only sell 2 Sis Boom aprons at a time. However- I see this as only good news. With Mothers Day just around the corner, you need one and so does your mother. Warning: Your sister and sister-in-law will probably feel left out if they don't have their own Ms. Willy apron with pink stripes.
June being the most popular month for weddings you probably have some cute couple like our friends, Tim and Holly, who love their matching aprons. Holly says wearing these saucy aprons tend to spice up any moment at home! Not just when they are in the kitchen making homemade mole tacos...
Well, I have found reasons for six aprons so far - and I haven't even considered end of year teacher gifts yet!

1 comment:

kate spain said...

your friend Tim looks so good in that Pete wants one, too ;)