Sunday, January 16, 2011

Felted Pony.

This year decided to sell my horse. He had become a huge part of my life. In his absence, I will continue to celebrate my passion for horses by creating things that will remind me that his energy is always around me. This felted pony was made with wool fiber and Alpaca fiber from Halcyon Yarn in Maine.If you are ever in Bath, Maine- make this stop a priority. I haven't picked up my knitting needles in years, but this store made me want to! But I went there for felting supplies, and actually managed to stick to the task at hand. I will knit again... just not now.
I have this pony hanging from my window with the horizon in the background. I imagine him running with wild abandon through the snow, like Tys. In fact, I think I will felt up a herd for him... and me.

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Carla Hegeman Crim said...

Such a sweet little pony! I have felting needles, but have yet to felt anything. Thanks for the inspiration!