Monday, March 31, 2008

Do you remember "Fury"? Well, if you don't let me refresh your memory with this pillow and quilt. The entire children's book has been printed in blocks and covers the top of a twin bed, with generous overhang. Sis Boom, Denise Schmidt, Moda and vintage fabrics were used, among other odd remnants I've collected with time. The pillow has some black chenille trim and ric rac. The quilt is on it's way to The Little Red Quilt House in Bridgeport, CT tomorrow morning, where I will complete it on their amazing Gamill sewing machine. I'm lucky enough to have access to the shop, but anyone can send any quilt- in ANY condition and Mark and Janice Roy will, back, bat, quilt and bind it for you! They are truly amazing, not to mention two of the finest most generous folk I know. They have a great crew, (Kelly, Janice, Lana, and Betsey to name a few). They have done many "celebrity quilts", can't say who or they'd have to kill me! They have been quilting "Kid Protectors", an Oprah award winning product that went into the Red Carpet goody bags at the Emmy Awards this year. Check out their site and services... I may regret sharing this secret with ya'll... nah! I take pics of the "Fury" quilt before and after later this week. Check back soon!

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Jamie said...

I really love your pillows. What a great idea for using the ribbons! I have a bunch of 4-H ribbons sitting in a box and wasn't sure what to do with them! I'm inspired to bring out some old photos of me on horse when I was a kid! A few pillows would look great at the little cabin at our farm! Jamie V in MT