Saturday, March 22, 2008

Saddle pads, ready for spring trails and trials. Sis Boom "Girlfriends" in Karen Scroll.

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simone howell said...

I am loving your blog! Aren't Jennifer's fabrics just to die for-- all of them. She just sent me a few fq.s of Prelude and I'm so looking forward to working with htme!
Both of my girls have just started riding and i would LOVE to make them saddle pads for Christmas. I know a lot about sewing but not so much about saddle pads. Did you use a pattern for this? Also, what sort of interfacing or batting did you use? Did you quilt it? Any info you are willing to divulge would be super helpful.
Looking forward to keeping up with your posts and loads of sisboom goodness. Thanks!

Simone Howell