Saturday, March 28, 2009

Face Book Intervention Quilt

New to FB, I became quickly consumed and had to be distracted from this time consuming past time. This last quilt is inspired by my Dad's wooden buoy collection (over 100), and is an homage to him. It has been 4 years as of March 20th since he passed on to other destinations, yet I feel his presence all of the time. I was without a doubt channeling his creative energy throughout this project.


Jennifer Paganelli said...

Nancy that is soooo cool..where do you find the time???? Lovely!!

Lisa said...


I love the tranquil colors and composition. You're truly a natural!

I'm pulling together a little blog as each day passes. Thank you for your inspiration.

ApachesPrincess said...

Wow! That is so different and unique! I love it! Its unlike any other quilt I have seen! Great job!