Wednesday, March 11, 2009

hand printed fabric

Inspired by Lotta Jansdotter, Swedish craft maven, I am attempting to print my own fabrics. Her book "Lotta Prints" is a great reference!


Lisa said...

You’re truly an inspiration, as I’ve become much more creatively minded since discovering your blog by happenstance via other creative like-minded blogs. I’ve been quite interested lately in working with vintage Liberty of London fabrics, and crafting herbal dream pillows. My creative and holistic self is emerging once again, with the reawakening of spring!

Textile design has always been an interest of mine, and I’ve been aware of Lotta’s work. I shall discover more by perusing her books.

You use truly beautiful color combinations, which are creatively assembled, and very professionally put together. I can’t wait to see what you do next!

By the way, as a collector of British Vogue, I always thought of you and Sloane Condren as the only two real wholesome beauties of British Vogue in the early 1980s. Beatrix Miller made it a memorable and special time for British Vogue, when the photographs told a romantic story. She was one of the greatest editors! Unfortunately, they don’t make models like you and Sloane anymore. You both were unequivocally one of a kind.

Nancy said...

Thank you Lisa, for all of your kind words, and for remembering those days gone by! Yes, Sloane was a beauty, I have been trying to locate her just to say hello. I married Tim Geaney who was Bruce Webers assistant at the time, and he is a wonderful photographer in his own right. Yes, Bea was a talent,as was Liz Tilberis, who the world misses since she succumbed to ovarian cancer, and still Grace Coddington who reigns here in NYC!Wow- it's been a while... glad to see that those pictures are still appreciated by some. Oh, and get a blog!!!! And the Lotta book!

Lisa said...

Nancy, thank you kindly for your response. It was a privilege to hear from you! And I shall certainly look into the art of printmaking more. I wonder if you can use ink stamps for making designs? I can’t wait to get my hands on some exotic, opulent and vintage materials, so, I can just get started.

I currently have a Mac blog that is quite randomized, so, when I get around to doing some spring-cleaning on it, I shall be more revealing.
I was thinking about getting a Blogger account, but it’s a little spoiling having two blogs! Although, for now I’m keeping up with an array of artistically crafted blogs, especially, yours! I’ll check in from time to time, if that’s okay with Ms. White Squaw!

Nancy said...

I first used a mac (iweb) for my website darkhorsefarmdesigns which I still use, but for blogging typepad or blogger is better. Yes u can use ink pads, but get the archival ink pads now available, still I can't say how long it lasts through washings. Send me your mac acct blog- I'd love to see it!

ApachesPrincess said...

What a neat idea - I may have to try this sometime. I love how your pillow turned out and the saying couldn't fit me better!

ellen said...

Sloane Condren Castleman lives mostly in Nevada on Lake Tahoe.