Friday, January 15, 2010

Still stuck in neutrals.

A new member of the Dark Horse Farm extended family has arrived. His name is Dove and he is a Rocky Mountain Horse. His earthy toned coat and silvery mane and tail would be envied by any Orange County Housewife! His coloring has inspired another project. Placemats with a kind of primitive horse motif, brown and buff like him, with a bit of a sloppy zig zag boarder to give it that folk like hand made feel.
Cut the pieces 16''x 20''. Fold over edges 1/2" and sew seam. Sew a row of zig zag next to that, and anther straight seam down the other side.
I think we will have fun with him while he's here, and I know that Tys will no longer be lonesome, now that we have Dove.


Lucie said...

Dove is very honored to have contributed such inspiration! The design is beautiful, and am excited to purchase these wonderful pieces. Let me know when they are ready.
I am so glad that he will have the privilege of living at Dark Horse Farm, even if for a short time. He and I are both very blessed to have had our lives touched by DHF and the Geany's!

david said...

Very beautiful horse without saddle in the picture.
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