Thursday, February 18, 2010

Aprons a plenty!

How much do I love aprons? Well, it all started with my mother in law, Clarita. She always had an apron for each day, each outfit, even "day-prons and night-prons". The evening wear aprons were often made of black lace or organza, with a romantic rose or heart appliqued onto the pocket, while the day version was white. They were always laundered and starched to perfection, and I am lucky enough to have inherited a few of these treasures.
Tim and I have carried on the tradition of apron wearing. We have special aprons for gardening, horse grooming, wood working, sewing, and even cooking!
When we got the job shooting aprons for Jennifer Paganelli's new line, (thanks ,Jen), it was a natural fit. Good thing we had so many organic ideas for aprons, because we now shoot tons of them! We haven't run out of ideas yet.
More good news! I now carry some of my favorites in my Open Sky shop! I have some of Jennifer's and a few of Anna Maria Horners. More to come as they become available to me, so keep a look out. They are fabulous, and I see them becoming family heirlooms in their own right.
The lovely models in the Sis Boom aprons (Miss Willy Full Apron with Pink Stripe) are Jennifer's sister Meghan and her niece Sophie. The half apron and others should be available by the end of this month!
The bonita chicas in Anna Maria's aprons are (left to right) Tessa from Make and Mingle, Glenda Dougherty ( whose dad started CRAFT Magazine!), and my niece Sophie Geaney! We get to see Sophie some weekends, as she is a student at NYU- smarty pants! How lucky are we to have such fab models at our finger tips??? And the shoot was done at Make and Mingle- such a cool place to teach! Can you see how much we love what we do?


Jennifer said...

very cool place to shoot!!!!!nice work guys!

Natalie said...

Love the photos! And you make our place look fantastic! So excited that you used the bike!!! I also love pretty, and often much cuter than regular clothes. The problem is: to me, apron=housework, and I hate housework. :)

purple pineapple said...

you. amaze me!