Monday, February 8, 2010

Be mine.

Diamonds do very little for me. This ribbon rosette necklace is made with this really lovely raw edge silk ribbon. The silky blossom makes a nest for the beautiful porcelain coins made by my friend, artist Maeera Mougin. I cannot get enough of her beautiful pieces. Something tells me this isn't my first rosette. It was fun. Just baste along one edge of the ribbon and then pull to create a ruffle. Sew or glue it onto a cardboard circle, then glue a felt back onto that. Adorn it with a vintage broach or button. Glue a series of odd sized rosettes onto a ribbon and tie at the nape of the neck. This would look great with a plain white tee and jeans.


Jennifer said...

wow, this is brilliant...xoxoxo

Storybook Woods said...

Oh I agree, this is the most stunning piece. I love it, thank you for sharing. Clarice

Madeline Rhodes said...

This is SO beautiful I am loving the all white! So soft and romantic.