Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The wheat grass is always greener.

My husband Tim's birthday gift this year was a wheat grass garden and juicer from Living Whole Foods, Inc.. We sprouted these seeds under news print and before you knew it, we had the most luscious little lawn I've ever seen. And if I push the planter up close to the window, and crouch down a bit to obscure the snow that is still on the real lawn, it almost looks like spring! April, come she will!


Storybook Woods said...

Well I see a few patches of green, besides your wheat grass. Soon this will all be a distance memory. Clarice

ApachesPrincess said...

Ohh, I would love to do this, I think it makes for a great decoration as well, maybe in an all white living room with a coffee table in the middle and on top a container, like yours, of wheat grass! It would add just the right pop of color!

LuLu said...

Hello Nancy, I'm loving that green green grass! I'm going to follow this blog as well, and let your quilts inspire me to make a new one for my bed!