Sunday, June 6, 2010

I want to make puppets.

So after a totally fun filled, inspiring morning with Sarah- Head Mermaid/choreographer/costume/set and puppet designer,my friend Holly and some of the other mer-gals, I was a-buzz with new found crafting energy! The Puppet Kitchen was filled with amazing artifacts and objects and power tools and glue guns and swords... my head is still spinning. And of course, puppets. My favorites were the giant blue horse, the one that looks like Keith Richards on a good day,and the monkey with the very realistic backside that Sarah is pictured with. Also love the pin-donut and the egg head pin cushion atop THE ORIGINAL BIG BIRD MAILBOX! One of the studio artists worked with Jim Henson right out of high school and a few muppet heads are lying around here and there.
The 36 mermaids, aka "The Sexcamaids", will be performing 5 dance numbers a top a float on June 19th in the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. A Brooklyn version of Nola's Mardi Gras, with Lou Reed and Laurie Andersen as the King and Queen of the parade. What fun. Thanks Holly, for including me in your escapades.I think your head piece look fab, and can't wait to see the finished product. Always so glad to see how other create and where they do it. I could get my puppet on, for sure! Very therapeutic.


Tabitha said...

Wow what a fun place....that uh Ted Danson lookalike head is a little creeepyy hope we get to see more finished puppets and costumes!

Nancy said...

Oh gosh! Yu are right! Ted Danson- eeek!

Karen said...

oh man, that studio looks like so much fun! all the tools, all the feathers, all the energy! Okay, you've inspired me to make a pinata (gotta start somewhere!) and check out the parade!