Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving gala.

We had a "super" ( that's with French accent) Thanksgiving celebration. We were so fortunate to have our daughter and son, Genevieve and Jack, their cousins Sophie and her friend Sarah, Steve and Jennifer and their 3 year old James Declan, and a few friends there to join us. Karim and his wife Aurora (who looks like Aurora in Sleeping Beauty!), and their friends Miriam and Patrick drove oput from Brooklyn. After I infused them all with Bourbon and sparkling apple cider punch, complete with horse shaped ice float, we noshed on some hummus, babaganoush, homemade pita bread and some completely addictive dipping oil that Karim brought from his Moroccan restaurant in Brooklyn. I'm making my reservations NOW!
From the living room we rolled into the dining room for a traditional turkey, brussell sprouts with cream and bacon, dressing, gravy, mashed potatoes and Waldorf salad.
EVERYONE brought a dessert, and Patrick made crepes with jam and Nutella. He was, without a doubt, the entertainment for the evening! What a fun time.
This year I am thankful for family and friends, old and new. And left overs!

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