Sunday, May 8, 2011

A tribute to Kate McGarrigle.

I am honored, once again, to make a small contribution to raise funds and awareness to clear cell sarcoma, a rare cancer that affects connective tissue such as bone, muscle, nerves and cartilage.
Kate McGarrigle's good friend (and mine),ceramist Mae Mougin, asked me to help make silk screened towels for the last fundraiser that Kate attended at The Royal Albert Hall in London, Christmas 2009. Sadly, Kate succumbed to the sarcoma a few weeks later.
A year and a half later, Kate's son Rufus and daughter Martha have come together with other talented friends who wish to pay her homage and help find a cure and a way to help those with the disease.
Rufus & Martha Wainwright Present:
A Celebration of Kate McGarrigle
Rufus Wainwright · Martha Wainwright · Anna McGarrigle · Jimmy Fallon · Emmylou Harris · Norah Jones · Antony · Sloan Wainwright · Justin Bond · Teddy Thompson · Jenni Muldaur · Krystle Warren

Thursday, May 12 & Friday, May 13 8 pm
Town Hall, 123 West 43rd Street, New York City

Tickets are available now at or at the Town Hall box office starting on April 21st. There are also a limited number of VIP packages available. For pricing and information, please contact Tracy Reid at Absolutely Live Entertainment at 646-233-2950 or

Here, my "assistant" (son Jack's girlfriend) Caroline Kidder, helps me with the project in my dining room.
I am so glad to participate in such a wonderful event.


Marnie said...

Nancy, I am a big fan of you and your amazing quilts. I LOVE Jennifer p and think I am her biggest fan. I love what you do with her amazing fabrics! I was just reading your blog and noticed this post. I was moved by the story and then saw the name Rufas. My brother, Kevin Murphy just performed with him in nyc in June. It was a wonderful concert and my brother,who is a pianist, thinks so highly of him. Small world and just thought I would share. So sorry for the loss of your good friend. A fan, Marnie Peck

Marnie said...

Also, I meant to mention,my Mother-in-law was diagnosed with clear cell in May. I would love to purchase one of these for her. Is it possible?? Thanks again. Marnie