Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Derby Day is coming upon us! May 3rd to be exact. I'll try to keep you posted as to who's who and who's to look for. An insider, my nephew's sister in law, has given me her favorites. She failed to mention "El Gato Malo"(the bad cat!), and with a name like that, we must include him. The all 'round favorite to win is Pyro. Denis of Cork and War Pass, Big Brown and Colonel John are a few notables, but it's still very much up for grabs. I have a Colonel John, C.J., in my barn, so we may have to cheer him on... he's the bay pictured above.
In the meantime, it's all this Derby-esque- not a stretch for me!
I'd like to say I won all those ribbons, (and sometimes I do pretend...) but most are from ebay and some are from my friends, members of The Happy Bottom Riding Club!
And, of course, start looking for that perfect hat! These are from the Sis Boom Collection, photographed for the July issue of Hampton's Magazine by my husband, Tim Geaney.


Jennifer Paganelli said...

that first wreath is it on the front of the house!!! Keep blowing us away...we want more...Jennifer

Missy said...

Oh my! I adore those ribbon wreaths!!! My daughter loves horses and that would be a perfect idea for her bedroom. I'd have to buy or make the ribbon though. Too bad we don't ride. (she's only 4)