Monday, April 28, 2008

I just attended a workshop with Jennifer Paganelli at Tinsel Trading in NYC, and she has done the impossible! She has got me crafting with paper! Really didn't think I would go there, but here I am with glue, glitter, and round edged scissors! Tinsel Trading is also a huge inspiration, even if the website is the closest you can get. The class coordinator, Terri Ventura is a hoot and also very talented. I especially love her victorian jewely collection available at ABC Carpet and Home in NYC.( Another great field trip...)
Alas, what do I do with a paper cone made with ephemera and antique embellishments? And so the "Sugar Cone" is born, (and the "Carrot Cone", too!) A lot of the craft shows I go to are at horse shows, so what better vehicle for a little horse enthusiast to carry her horse treats? When you get home you can hang it on your door knob with some dried lavender, which always comes in handy if you spend a lot of time around horses......

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