Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Kate's Plates!

Has anyone seen "Verna"? Well my friend, home dec star Jan Lemonedes, passed this New York Observer Home magazine onto us because my husband Tim had a picture he did in it. He photographed the "9 by Design" Novogratz family and it was published for this article. FYI, episode 2 airs tonight at 10 on BRAVO! Watch what happens...
Flipping through the pages of my new favorite publication, I see these plates. Kate Spain had just shown them to me on Sunday when we delivered a load of our finest aged manure in their driveway. (Happy Birthday, Kate.) They are available at Crate and Barrel. Way to go!

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kate spain said...

GET OUTTA HERE!! I think we were meant to meet...through sewing, plates or manure. Can't believe it!! Congrats to Tim on his beautiful photography! xxoo