Sunday, April 4, 2010

My friend, Lola.

You have met the lovely Lola before at Dark Horse Farm. She has visited the bunnies at my friend Linda's. She has been photographed for Sis Boom, and we have delivered our nutrient rich compost to her backyard garden in Brooklyn. What you may not know is how talented she is. I have been collecting her artwork for years, but I did not know what a beautiful writer she is! And while I was struggling to come up with a post for today, this most rejuvenating day of the year, she sent me this.
I love you Lola. Keep writing with your heart.

Easter Poem by Lola Stam

I saw a red Robin yesterday

He chirped
He chirped
He chirped

I chirped
I chirped
I chirped

I picked up a flower that looked like a hazelnut branch from the heavens above
The robin saw it so he flew to it and when we touched nose to beak we became very close

We flew to the moon
We even wrote a poem:
Water flows from clouds from above
I only see your tears my love

So on Easter I will buy a nest
He loved it
I put it on my tree and we became best friends since

The end

The writer Lola Stam

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Jennifer said...

Hey Lola!!!!!!!!