Sunday, April 18, 2010

Whatever happened to the refrigerator magnet?

I am prepping to do a show on Thursday, Girls Night Out, in Rowayton, Ct, and part of the deal is to supply 50 gifts for a goody bag that will be given to the first 50 guests. So I had seen this cute idea for a refrigerator magnet, using old pictures, children's books and playing cards. Some with glitter, some without-which do you prefer? The "blonde" is my shout out to Betty Draper, but most have a horsey thing going on. So, that's what I was busy doing yesterday.
When I go to display them on my fridge for a picture- no go! Stainless steal doesn't work! And what about all of those fancy shmancy kitchens with wood paneled refrigerator doors to match their cupboards! Oh, the horror!
Well, too late now- they did work on my microwave door, and for the picture I put them on the side of my truck.
I forgot to take them off before my husband went to load up the flatbed with composted manure for our friend (fabric designer for Moda, Kate Spain). He was more than a little relieved to see they could be easily removed.


beth said...

I know! I have those dreadful wooden panel covered refrigerator doors and I have to tape all my daughter's drawings...all my cute magnets collected over the years--stashed in a drawer. Sigh.

Jennifer said...

brilliant as always..