Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's beginning to feel a lot like "100 Quilts for Christmas", everywhere you go!

This concept of "100 Quilts for Christmas" has really inspired me! We will have our very first Musical Squares event tomorrow night, where we will make up as many quilt tops as possible. Plus, I have friends who have been sending quilt squares and tops for me to finish... oh, me thinks me has created a monster! I may be quilting right up until Christmas Eve! My dear friend, James Bosco (pictured with me last Christmas), who is creative director at McCalls patterns has sent his own quilt, 4 more random blocks, and has the entire McCalls Pattern company mailing in a stack of squares they have been working on during their lunch hours!
I also have received support from Sis Boom's own Jennifer Paganelli, who has donated scraps for the quilts, backs, and take home fat quarters from her most recent lines!
I had invited Denyse Schmidt (also a local CT resident) but she can't make it. However, she has offered to host a Musical Squares event in the spring, using her Greenfield Hill collection.... The generosity is mind boggling! This is the Christmas Spirt like I have never experienced it before.
Thank you to Janice Roy of Little Red Quilt House, who is always so generous and lets me use her long arm whenever I need to. To Helen Bergner, a fabulous and prolific quilter in her own right, who houses the Gammil machine and is always showing me new block techniques and tricks!
A huge "thank you " loaded with hugs and kisses to my dear friend James and the worker bees at McCalls.
And thank you, Kate and Aunt Spicy and your blog friends for creating such a beautiful project to be a part of. I am honored and filled with love and joy as a result.

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Aunt Spicy said...

Wow! How amazing! Who would have thought our little idea would keep on growing! I am amazed at how much you have done!