Sunday, July 12, 2009

Another saddle pad for Ms. Butters!

Mary Jane Butters must have an amazing collection of fabrics, blankets, and vintage linens to choose from. This is the latest saddle pad that I made for her, with a vintage camp blanket she had stashed away. I feel so lucky to work with such fine artifacts.


Jocelyn said...

Where does she find such beautiful fabrics?!?! I would love to have a vintage saddle blanket but don't have a clue where to find a nice vintage fabric!

Jill said...


I just saw your feature article in Mary Jane's magazine ... "entre-manure" ... now that's the most clever idea I've seen! I wish I was one of your neighbors ... I would love to get a bag of pooh with a fancy bow! {god knows my Jersey tomatoes could use it!!}

Would you mind if I mentioned you in one of my blogpost and linked back to your site? I think it would be a fun story for us Jersey farm girls to read.

Love your blankets as well ... gorgeous!


Katmom said...

How true! MaryJane finds the most wonderful stuff...I had the good fortune last year to go to a small Peddlers Faire in Moscow ID, along with her, her daughter and a handful of 'farmgirl' girlfriends...MaryJane is like a magnet & just 'attracts' vintage goodies!