Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Finally someone appreciates my efforts and my values. MaryJane's Farm Magazine is giving me credit where credit is due. I am a girl who enjoys simple thing life has to offer, and sometimes that is simply the joy of bagging up my aged compost in recycled bags, with colorful fabric remnants and sharing it with friends, neighbors and strangers near and far. So does that make me simple? To quote the title of a song by a famous jazz musician and friend who has passed, Red Mitchell, "Simple isn't easy, it's the hardest thing. When your simple people think your lazy...."
Thank you MaryJane Butters and her publisher, John Pagliaro.


Firefly Hill said...

What a great idea to bag up Tys' you know what in a cute bag! I have more of that stuff than I know what to do with! Congrats on the publicity...you certainly deserve it. Hope you are having a great summer..


Katmom said...

Nancy, here is what I posted about you & your wonderful blog over on the MaryJane forum...
"So,,, I was out pruning my lavender when the mail carrier pulled up,,,no bills just a piece of junk mail and my current issue of MaryJanes Farm...wahooo! I sat down on my bench in the middle of my lavenders and started thumbing through it when low & behold there was a wonderful article written by our very own sweet and dear Michelle-huckleberrywine...all about her dream of someday having a horse & fulfilling that dream...I have had the good pleaseure of meeting her little Quigly and he really is a sweetie...

The 2nd article was called "Be an Entre-manure"...about Nancy Geaney who hosts Darkhorsefarms blog... http://www.darkhorsefarmdesign.blogspot.com
I recently came across her blog via a friend from my Sisters on the Fly group, and she got info on Nancy via MaryJane....see what a wonderfull small world we are!
Any how, I am the owner of a very sweet pink & chocolate pillow from Nancy. She also has another site called "go make your bed" where she creates, makes & sells custom quilts....you can access this site via her blog.
SO if you have not had a chance go take a peek at her blog do so.
Last but not least I have the "Green Housekeeping" section earmarked...great recipes for earth friendly cleaning products.
Ok, now quit reading my post & get back to reading your MJF magazine!"
You have a truly wonderful blog & your eye for design is beautiful. Congrats on being in the Aug/Sept issue of MaryJanesFarm.

Trish said...

I just read the recent MaryJanes Farm and remembered I had seen this post! Congrats! What a great article. Your work is gorgeous!