Sunday, February 6, 2011

I want more.

That could mean so many things. But in this case I want to make more frames like this one, now available at SPACE in Bridgeport, CT. The print is of an adult film poster I found in Maine last year and gave to Tim for Valentines Day. Now it's time to share the love.
I promise to take more pictures (not with an iphone!) of all of the amazing pieces that artists have made and sell at this super groovy artists cooperative owned by entrepreneur Robert Rackear. I am in good company here with quilter Denyse Schmidt, ceramist Maeera Mougin who was recently featured on the Light Whisperer blog, among other local talents.
New beginnings for a new year! Stay posted to hear about the exciting upcoming events at this chic new venue. See you in "SPACE"!

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Pat said...

Hi Nancy! Can't wait to see the art work.Love yours and love M.Mougins'.