Monday, June 29, 2009

A garden grows in Brooklyn...and Woodstock, and Wilton......

Dark Horse Farm's "Dutch Treat" has made it big! Not just our tomato plants, but it has reached celebrity status as it spreads it's goodness all over the country! "MaryJane's Farm" magazine is doing a feature for it's Aug/Sept. issue this summer, and it has made it's way from Wilton, CT, to Brooklyn and Manhattan, and further north to Woodstock, VT!
Here we have our dear friends, The Stam's of Brooklyn, and their amazing brownstone garden. That's my bestest friend, Lola- isn't she gorgeous! She and her dad have palnted a lovely backyard garden using our compost. It's especially fitting for them to use our Dutch stuff- Ronnie is from Amsterdam, like my horse, Tys, (who makes all of this compost possible... 40 lbs. of it everyday!)
Sue Beneke sent me pics of her garden in Woodstock, and also a picture of another bag-o- brown she had purchased. She knew I would appreciate the graphics on the bag.
Want some of your own "brown gold"? Just give me the word.
**(no fee for the 15 lb. bags, earth worms included)**
Thanks to husband, Tim, for taking time out of his busy photography career, and help me share this organic ground.


Katmom said...

Congrats & I look forward to seeing you in the next MaryJanesFarm magazine...
I love the magazine. said...

I read about you in MaryJanesFarm magazine. I just love the magazine and your article was wonderful also.

Thanks for a great article and blog
Chris Wheeler