Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I have enjoyed your stories so much!

Thanks so much for sharing such touching, harrowing and often times hilarious recollections in the kitchen and out in the pasture. They have been so rewarding that I have decided to choose THREE WINNERS! So- your chances have just increased. You are on your way to being the proud owner of a very low maintenance hobby horse, hot mama hot mitts, or a sweet Victorian girl pillow- all Sis Boom Flower Power inspired. Also, thanks to Jennifer Paganelli for directing her traffic my way!


Cathy said...

I forgot to mention that I've been enjoying all of your horsey links.... hope to see you this weekend at Jennifers!

kathy with a k said...

Nice meeting you today at Jennifer's!
You do beautiful work, I may have to get my sewing machine out!
Very inspiring.