Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Wellington Boot Floor Cloth Tutorial- my feeble attempt to teach!

I really don’t see the distinction between a floor cloth and a floor quilt, except for the fact that you use scraps of fabric as opposed to paint. This is the book that taught me, by Ellen Highsmith Silver, and it is worth purchasing if you want to try this. It’s pretty easy, but time consuming. Read the book before starting the project.

Start with 12 oz. artist canvas that is treated on one side only- available at artist supply. Treat other side with gesso- either side can be top or bottom of the cloth/quilt. Let it dry.

Prepare the quilt fabric you intend to use by painting it with a sponge brush and a  solution of matte Mod Podge and water- 3:1- 3/4 cup water to 1/4 cup Mod Podge. Let it dry, then set it with a steam iron on high(you may want to use pressing cloth to protect board and iron.)

Cut the fabric as desired. “Glue” the fabric onto either side if the canvas with full strength Mod Podge and then paint over it with the Mod Podge. Let it dry and do it 2 more times, making sure to press out any bubbles or wrinkles with your hands- wash them often. Wait 24 hours, then apply a clear satin water based acrylic protective finish. Let dry and then sand with fine sand paper. Repeat 2 more times. Wait 24 hours. Apply clear paste wax and buff lightly. You can apply a non skid additive to the front and back of the cloth. I was able to get all of my supplies at Jerry’s Artarama which is a standard art supply store.


Cathy said...

I may have to try this...gotta get me some mog pog or whatever you called it....I am a little askeered but I may be brave and try it out....we could really use a durable mat for sandy or muddy shoes. Thanks so much!!!!

Jennifer Paganelli said...

Love the look of that floor cloth especially the little red tag part nice detail!!xoxo J

Quilt or Dye said...

Now that you have had the floor cloth down for awhile, how is it holding up?

ApachesPrincess said...

I love the material that you used! Beautiful!

Rhoda said...

Hi! I bookmarked your floor cloth tutorial a few months ago. I bought the Ellen Highsmith Silver book "Floorquilts" & I also bought Fabulous Floorcloths by Caroline O'Neill Kuchinksy.
I've got to get the supplies so I can get started on some floor cloths.
I have 3 different cutting machines so I need to figure out how to cut fabric with them.I'd like to incorporate a cutting machine if possible. Thanks for the lovely tutorial! Rhoda

Nancy said...

Hi, Rhoda. Glad this helps you out. You should be able to find the items needed at any online craft supply, but let me know if you need help.