Friday, June 26, 2009

Garden of Ideas

Ahhh, the age old question: "Which came first? The garden or the quilt?" 

Well, I was first commissioned by our neighbors, the Bassocks, to make a king sized quilt, pillow cases, and dog beds. Pammie and I went to The Quilters Alley in Ridgefield and she hand picked a series of Art Gallery fabrics in earthy, grassy tones. We picked a buttery yellow print for the backing, and I had to go back for a few pops of blue and orange. 
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Tim , my husband and Jeff, Pammie's husband, were designing a patch of their own. Jeff asked Tim to help him design a vegetable garden, and Tim came up with this groovy raised bed octagon. We then packed it full of our finest aged compost- Dark Horse Farm's "Dutch Treat". The quilt was coming along nicely- like rows in a garden- with dark greens like squash leaves, pale greens like young butter lettuce, zucchini blossom orange, earthy rich browns and slate blue. They were both finished within days of each other and Jeff did a great job with the gate, fence posts, and faux owl in the center to keep the small birds and rabbits away. He even planted the marigolds I suggested, which are a natural bug repellent! 
Well done guys. As for the quilt, we managed to bring the outdoors in, creating a garden like sanctuary in there bedroom.


Jennifer Paganelli said...

What collaboration...You and the Bassocks!!!! SWEET!

Susan said...

Nancy! You are my blog DIVA! My cyberspace INSPIRATION! I could never keep up with you but I humbly updated my blog today....Happy Fourth!

corinnea said...

Love the art gallery fabrics! Very nice.