Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rainy Day Project- FLOOR QUILT

It has been raining this month more than ever. In fact we have broken some 80 year old record with over 22 inches since June 1st. I know, all of my Washington and Oregon blog buddies are laughing at me- but we are starting to mold over! Which make me so aware of my most neccsary clothing item- MY WELLIES! I wear them everyday to muck the stalls and paddocks, even in good weather, but on a morning like this I am quite literally up to my ankles in mud! So I decided to make a special spot to house my most precious green rubber iconic wardrobe accessory... Hence the Wellie Mat! Make your own. WARNING- It takes forever for the Mod Podge to dry in 100% humidity! Here I am in my wellies at the ripe old age of 18- and scroll down to the previous post to see I still wear them... YES- that's the same person... sheesh!

This is the book you may need if the following directions I have provided are not clear enough, and some of the tools, plus a plastic sheet to cover your work area, Mod Podge, Clear Satin water based acrylic finish, and paste wax. Use any scraps you have laying around... this has been my mission lately- use them or lose them!


Katmom said...

Thank you so very much for your tutorial! I LUV Wellies.... I have 2 pr. (not Wellies brand)), a black pr. w/pink polka dots.
The 2nd pr. I bought from Victoria Trading Co., that are creame roses.
I think I am going to give it a try & make the floor mat.(luv your choice of colors & prints).
Although it rained(quite heavely) last night over here in Spokane, Washington...and yes, I am giggling at your 22" of rain..., it looks pretty sunny for the coming week and should be perfect for working on the mat outside.
Thanx again for a great tutorial & I luv your 4 legged furbabies!
Fabricaholic hugz,
gracie aka katmom

Firefly Hill said...

Love your floor quilt! I am going to try this! It has rained here all day...the pool is about to overflow. Around the barn is mud city...but the grass is very green!
I think it is great that you muck and take care of Tys yourself. We do all the work for our horses, and I love meeting people who do that too! Love your Wellie mat...


Cathy said...

Oh I loved reading your tutorial....what a pretty mat! And, when will the rain stop for a few days in a row so we can all dry out? lol

Jocelyn said...


Love the Wellie Mat. I, too, am on the East Coast (NJ) and am feeling the same weather you are. YUCK! My daughter has two pairs of Wellies (both horse designs on them). So I will have to make this mat to use for them. I grew up in England on and off over the years, so Wellies were the norm there (as is this type of weather). You will appreciate this, though, my friend in England was teasing me by email that they are having gorgeous sunny 80 degree weather while we were having rainy and cooler temperatures (similar to English weather). I'm ready to build an ark for my family, animals and my friends!

ApachesPrincess said...

Oh, absolutely adorable! I love rubber boots, I have a pair my Mom snagged at Gap last year for $10 that have a bunch of bright stripes, love them! Perfect for mucking around on those rainy days!