Monday, June 15, 2009

Sis Boom Sisterhood

I cannot tell you what a joyous occasion it was at the Sis Boom sale last week. I met so many wonderful people. I am very thankful to have a face, two in fact, to put to my blog buddy at Firefly Hill Style. Anne and her daughter Hannah came all of the way from New Jersey! 
Check out those two beauties, sisters Whitney and Blaire, who came to design and order the bed of their dreams. I called them Snow White and Rose Red, like my dad used to call me and my sister, Jenny. She was dark and I was fair, like these two. Not to mention Jennifer P. herself and her sister Meghan and niece Sophie from Atlanta. I have officially adopted myself into the Byrne/ Paganelli clan. I love them all so much! My dear friend Linda Montanaro was there with her ponies, Annie and Timber, along with Olivia (the Sis Boom "it girl"), her brother Charlie, and beautiful mother, Marie from Witchy Poo. I even reconnected with my elementary school girlfriend, Mary Jo (Budesa) Fornshell. What a heavenly event this was... I look pretty happy, no? 


Firefly Hill said...

It really was a beautiful show and filled with so many lovely people like you!

Tim Geaney said...

Love that Pony Pad!

Scott at the Blue Nickel said...

Nancy, you look resplendent (sp?) in those the pigtails..I can see why you have adopted yourself into their family. I feel that way too after meeting both of you last month! I am the long lost brother out in the wild west! :):) You make sure you call me if you are ever in the Seattle area, ok?
glitter on the pony's hooves? so Sis Boom!

ApachesPrincess said...

It sounds like you had such a great time! Adorable little pony and not to mention the saddle pad!